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As a seasoned tradesperson with 7 years of hands-on site experience, you are already on your way to achieving your goal of acquiring a builder’s registration. But why go through the overwhelming application process alone? Our team is here to provide you with expert guidance and assistance every step of the way. Let us be your trusted partner on this journey towards becoming a registered builder. Our streamlined process and unmatched expertise will ensure that your experience and qualifications are showcased in the best possible light. By highlighting the relevant projects and roles you’ve undertaken, we will help you present a comprehensive account of your capabilities. Stand out from the competition and seize this opportunity to elevate your career to new heights. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of our builder’s registration assistance today!

Building Contractor

At ATC2, we fully understand the significance of providing a comprehensive account of your expertise. The inexperienced clerical team at the Building and Energy Department of DMIRS exclusively relies on the information you furnish to process your application. Our evaluation process centers on experience that aligns directly with builders registration requisites. We acknowledge the vip value of certain construction projects and prioritize those that truly make a difference. When handling a Set 1 application, we ensure that the role of the building supervisor is firmly asserted, even if it’s not explicitly stated. This distinction can mitigate potential delays or rejections, particularly in commercial ventures. Since the establishment of the Builder’s Registration Board in 1939, our industry has evolved considerably. We diligently take into account factors like annual leave, public holidays, and sick leave. Our ultimate aim is to ensure a fair and accurate evaluation process.

When you select ATC2 for your builder’s registration application, you gain more than just expertise and a methodical approach. We offer extensive support throughout the builder’s registration process to guarantee a seamless and successful application. Our team understands that the administrative tasks at the Building and Energy Department of DMIRS are primarily handled by clerical staff. That is why we empower you to provide a comprehensive account of your experience and all the necessary information. Remember, accuracy and completeness lie in your hands, as the BE staff cannot offer direct assistance. Some types of building projects, such as farm buildings or prefabricated structures, may not be considered during the evaluation of your application. It’s crucial to highlight the experience that directly aligns with the requirements to maximize your chances of approval. On a Set 1 application, the term ‘manager’ may not be explicitly mentioned. In such cases, it is essential to assert the role of a building supervisor if you have previously held a site management position. This subtle yet crucial distinction, especially in commercial projects, can prevent delays or rejection of your application. The Act requires a minimum of seven years of full-time equivalent experience, a standard set in 1939 when individuals left school at 14 but had to be 21 to be a registered builder. Today, this includes accounting for annual leave, public holidays, and sick leave. It’s important to note that overtime hours are not credited, so it’s crucial to limit your weekly working hours to 40. For FIFO workers, a 2-and-1 swing equates to three weeks of full-time work. When providing references, ensure they emphasize the word ‘building’ and not ‘construction,’ in accordance with the Building Act 2011. This differentiation ensures that your experience is accurately evaluated. Remember, simplicity is key in your application to streamline the review process. Providing precise information without unnecessary details will lead to a smoother journey towards builder’s registration.

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